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ATV/OHV Safety Education and Training

Safety Awareness Training

Component Two provides ATV/OHV Safety Awareness Training (SAT) a “train the trainers” session, whereby adults and youth leaders are taught to give the SA presentations.  SAT candidates must have taken the ATV Safety Institute’s  RiderCourse (RC)  prior to the SAT and complete a written test.

The RC takes approximately 4 hours and the SAT takes approximately 3 hours, so when combined this is training takes one day. If the SAT candidates have taken the RC previously then the SAT can be completed in as little as 3 hours.  TXTEAMM can provide all the RC along with ATVs and safety gear.

SA Trainers are provided with a hard copy and/or flash drive manual with scripts, video CDs, sample educational materials, reporting forms, everything needed to present ATV/OHV Safety Awareness. We always prefer to have an experienced trainer with our new SA Trainers as they give their very first presentation. 

TXTEAMM can provide all elements needed to present –ie; PowerPoint machines, screens, speakers, ATVs, safety gear and educational materials to our certified trainers upon request and with prior scheduling.

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