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ATV/OHV Safety Education and Training

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ATV Safety and OHV Education

Component One provides ATV/OHV Safety Awareness (SA) presentations to groups of any size in various venues. The curriculum is designed on the nationally accepted principles of ATV/OHV safety education.

Our indoor talks can be presented in school auditoriums, gyms, lecture halls or classrooms and utilize a PowerPoint with a compelling 18 minute video and several short Public Service Announcements. If the venue allows, we like to bring in two ATVs (one adult size and one youth model) for static demonstrations along with various DOT approved helmets and other safety gear. We’ll also have a sampling of our educational materials. This presentation can take as little as 30 minutes or up to 1 hour. Our SA Trainers can bring all the elements needed for the presentations and set up and disassemble with little assistance. Basically, just schedule with us, open the doors and bring in the kids!    

The SA without the video is generally used outdoors during Progressive Agriculture Safety Days, Health Fairs, county fairs, at OHV parks, or anywhere you have a large group of kids and adults who would be receptive to an ATV/OHV safety message. These presentations always utilize two ATVs, safety gear and educational materials. These presentations can be given in as little as 15 minutes or up to 30 minutes. Again, our SA Trainers bring all the elements needed and set up and disassemble with little assistance.

We try to make all of our SA presentations interesting, exciting and fun so that the youth will get the intended safety points. We always like to invite the parents and adults as well.

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