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ATV/OHV Safety Education and Training

ATV Safety and OHV Education

Component One provides ATV/OHV Safety Awareness (SA) presentations to groups of any size in various venues. The curriculum is designed on the nationally accepted principles of ATV/OHV safety education.

Rider Course

Component Three is the ATV Safety Institute (ASI) RiderCourse (RC). The RC is a hands-on, 4 hour, ride-the-ATV course utilizing state licensed instructors. The ASI curriculum is nationally recognized and utilizes building block lessons on a 150’ by 200’ relatively level, unpaved, unobstructed, closed range.

Safety Awareness Training

Component Two provides ATV/OHV Safety Awareness Training (SAT) a “train the trainers” session, whereby adults and youth leaders are taught to give the SA presentations.  SAT candidates must have taken the ATV Safety Institute’s  RiderCourse (RC)  prior to the SAT and complete a written test.

Side-by-Side Training

Side-by-sides or UTVs, ROVs are motorized off-road highway vehicles designed to travel on four or more tires, with a steering wheel, non-straddle seating, seat belts, an occupant protective structure, and engine displacement up to 1,000 cc.

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